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Llotja lateral adult 25,00 €
Llotja lateral infantil 20,00 €
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Butaca adult 20,00 €
Butaca infantil 15,00 €
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Tribuna general adult 15,00 €
Tribuna general infantil 9,00 €
Tribuna adult + nen 18,00 €
Super3 All super 3 tickets are sold out

* Children with Super3 card do not pay ticket

- Offer does not apply on Spectator Day.
- Children must always be accompanied by adults.
- This promotion is only valid for the Tribune area.
- Presenting the Super3 card the child has free entry.
- The seats are not numbered. The adults will always be next to the minors.

** When to buy a children's ticket?

Children under 3 years do not have to buy tickets.
Children from 3 to 12 years old must buy a 'infantil' ticket.